You can now improve the security of the Solana blockchain by participating in Stake Pools. A stake pool spreads your delegation across hundreds of validators. Liquid stake pools allow you to move in and out of the pool without warm-up or cool-down periods. See the links below to learn more about liquid staking.

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Solana Mainnet Validators

Score updated at 2022-08-09 20:08:38 UTC in batch c97eaf9f-592a-4812-8779-c1484e4f0b99.


Name (Commission)
Active Stake (% of total)
Scores (total)
Skipped Vote %
Dist from leader
Root Distance
60-Min Chart
Vote Distance
60-Min Chart
Skipped Slot %
60-Min Chart
cyberG (Commission: 10%)
Active Stake:  86,338 (0.0%)
Version:  Version:  1.10.32
Scores:  (Total: 10)
Skipped Vote %: -5.16%

Score updated at 2022-08-09 20:08:38 UTC in batch c97eaf9f-592a-4812-8779-c1484e4f0b99