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Name: Quartz Staking | 0% Commission | High APY
Details: Quartz helps large scale and retail investors profit from their crypto holdings. We provide professionally run, high-performance computing for crypto-related and validation workloads. Stake with Quartz and return 5-10% annually.
Identity: 63eSPktsSx9fNBAcMzGTQdJ1UEUPwjce5nJR8M1Bqq2Z
Software: 1.9.21
Data Center: 22646-US-Kingsland

Validator Details

Keybase: quartzdev
Vote Account: quartzUp1Afz91cgkrPG8UEuTWLaNUBbNPETkQ2HWo9
Active Stake: 98 SOL
Commission: 0%
Security Info:
Scores: (Total: 5)


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