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Name: SteakingIO 🥩
Details: makes staking easy and secure. We believe that anyone in the world should be able to participate in staking and start collecting staking rewards, as it benefits both users and the blockchain. Learn more at
Identity: 6EZ6WwRpRaaAdmCsbUNs9iTLXLGjY6dzYRsyWacvBFZz
Software: 1.8.14
Data Center: 53264-US-Huntley

Validator Details

Keybase: steakingio
Vote Account: 3VpRubsCkx6ENRQJiRZ7JKEwERumjVV4qmJbAiVY6VVF
Active Stake: 901 SOL
Commission: 8%
Scores: Inactive or zero-stake node. No score available


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