Validator Details

Name: 2SOLSTICE (2S◎LSTICE TwoSolstice)
Details: At 2S◎LSTICE, we are committed to providing the most stable validators on the Solana blockchain. We provide validators in multiple regions and providers with hot failover to provide the most stable experience for our staking partners.
Identity: 8LbeEWveKyNcFMTh7dgTz1z1eUtEcAZKuqYJSy855yEo
Software: 1.10.26
Data Center: 54825-US-Parsippany

Validator Details

Keybase: mjg232
Vote Account: 3VXEZnRDdJeCv6RTdTjicvP76zvkBNASN9L3XDvbTU54
Active Stake: 109 SOL
Commission: 5%
Security Info:
Scores: (Total: 11)


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