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Mainnet Validator Details
Name: kantartu
Identity: 7UWfyiko4apgPxZ7KoqCDaYnaTSMnutCjBPHeJiMuM82
Software: 1.3.23
Data Center: 24940-DE-Falkenstein
Mainnet Validator Details
Keybase: kantartu
Vote Account: DQXkfrENf5pm3KGX3ogJAXMJ1fqyTrbQpbxy5Pp3QpdX
Active Stake: 0 SOL
Commission: 10 %
Refresh OFF

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Recent Ping Times (ms)

The Batch Time represents the overall times for this batch of samples. You can use this to compare your ping times to the rest of the cluster. If you do not see ping times for your node, please enable the ping/ICMP service on your server.

From Account Min. Time
Batch Min.
Avg. Time
Batch Avg.
Max. Time
Batch Max.
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